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TrackR Reviews, Coupons and Ratings | Never Lose Anything Again

TrackR Reviews, Coupons and Ratings | Never Lose Anything Again




What’s more annoying than not finding one of your everyday objects when you need it the most? We all have been there. You park your car in a crowded parking lot and then it takes ages to find it when you want to leave. This frequently happens with your most valuable objects like wallet, keys, briefcases and the list continues.

How many times did you wish you had a button to use and retrieve the lost item? It would certainly have been a lot easier than turning your house upside down to find your wallet, phone or keys.

TrackR is a Brilliant Idea

trackr_reviews_200x200Well, now, your wish may come true. A company named TrackR, founded by Chris Herbert and Christian Smith, two UC Santa Barbara graduates, developed a little device called TrackR (Sticker, Wallet and Bravo). It is approximately the size of a quarter and can be attached pretty much to everything. It emits a GPS signal and it’s connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing you to see precisely where it’s located.

They had this brilliant idea when Chris couldn’t find his car keys, and his car was in danger of being taken away by the ocean. After brainstorming a solution, they start working on TrackR in 2009, on the same day they graduated college.

How Does it Work?

TrackR is a Bluetooth device, the size of a coin, which connects to your smartphone. The TrackR app will receive the GPS signal emitted by the little device and you will see where is located on the map. It uses a brand new technology called Bluetooth Low Energy which will extend TrackR battery life for up to a year. It has a double double-sided adhesive so you can stick it on pretty much everything.

There are three kinds of TrackR devices. The first one, TrackR Wallet, it’s a rectangle shaped tracking device, which is suitable for storing it in your wallet, because it has a thickness of only 4 mm. This one has the advantage that its battery can last up to 2 years. The second one is TrackR Sticker, circle shaped, a bit smaller than the first one, which is most suitable as a trinket, but you can also stick it with the adhesive tape. You can attach it to your keys and you will always know where they are. The third device, TrackR Bravo, the most recent developed one, it’s probably the best option. It is subtle and thin and it can be attached to almost everything. All of them have a Bluetooth range of approximately 100 feet or 30 meters and they all have a worldwide GPS covering. They all require a smartphone or tablet, and are compatible with iOS 8 & up, and Android 4.4 & up. They are not yet made to be compatible with Windows Phone and Blackberry.


TrackR is using the Crowd GPS feature, the largest network of this sort. When you lose an item, which has a TrackR device attached to it, you have to open the app from your phone and only select “find device”. You will get the coordinates for the location of the object on the map. But you will not be on your own in this search. When an item goes missing, all TrackR enabled devices will start to watch for it. They will upload data to the app servers, and you can get updates of its new location and where it was last seen.

One of the best things about TrackR is that it has a 2-way action. This means that you can not only use your phone to locate the device, but you also can find your phone using the device by pressing the little button on it, which will make your phone start ringing, even in silent mode.

Multiple TrackR devices can be connected to the same smartphone at the same time, but you can’t connect more than one phone to a device.

The battery has an extended lifespan, for approximately one year for TrackR Bravo and Sticker, and up to 2 years for TrackR Wallet. When is done, it can be very easily changed without the need of any tools.

Many people ask if this device can be used on people. A lot of parents are interested in tracking their kids when they are at school or far from home. The producer doesn’t advise the use of TrackR products on humans because there are on the market other devices of tracking people. But, it will probably be a good idea to put a device in your child’s backpack because that way you can see if he is at school or not and if he loses his bag you will find it very fast.


Being such a little device you can attach it to almost everything or you can put it in every pocket, big or small. It can be glued easily on the majority of objects to track them, and it can also be attached to your keys with a key lock like a trinket.

Firstly, the best way of using TrackR devices, and the main reason for which they were created is to track down your car. As we said before, one of its inventors was very near to lose his car to the tide of the ocean, so he was determined to find a solution to help people never to have problems regarding the location of their car and their keys.

Your whole life depends on your vehicle. In our days, taking into consideration the rapid pace at which our daily activities are carried out, we can say that we are more or less addicted to our cars. It doesn’t have to be luxurious or brand-new to have a vital importance. It just has to do its job of taking you fast from place to place. So, therefore, the car is one of our most valuable objects for the smooth running of our schedule.

When you can’t find it, and you lose crucial minutes, even hours in extreme cases, in a crowded parking lot you can mess up all your programmed activities. There are many examples of people spending a significant amount of time running back and forth in parking lots, desperately pressing the alarm button of their keys to get to their cars. If you are lucky enough, and if you have a vague idea where you left your car, you can manage to find it easily without any help. But, what if you can’t find it at all, after numerous searches? What if your car gets stolen?

In both cases, TrackR comes for your help. You must find a suitable place in your car to put the TrackR device you bought. It’s better to find a spot where it cannot be observed, in the eventuality that your vehicle is stolen. It has to be hidden in a place where thieves can’t see it so that they won’t detach it. That way, with TrackR still attached, you will manage to find your car quick and if you are lucky, unharmed.

Probably the best place you can put it is under your vehicle wing or bumper. You can stick it there, in locations where the device is not observable. Although this device is not waterproof, it is water-resistant, which means that it will withstand the moisture which will form in hidden places from under your car, but it will deteriorate if you submerge it in water.

If you don’t want to hide it in such manner, you can only throw it in one of the car’s compartments. It will do its job of giving you the exact position of your vehicle. It the case that you don’t find your car, just select the “find device” option from the app that you previously downloaded from Google Play or App Store. The device connected via Bluetooth to your smartphone will emit a GPS signal, giving you the exact position of your car. It’s the best way of finding your car in a parking lot or if the vehicle is stolen.

You can use TrackR even you don’t have a car, and you move around with a bike. In some corners of the world, it is common for the bike to get stolen, even if they are locked. A student from Bucharest, named Vlad Ursulean, conducted in 2010 an experiment in the same city, to see how easy it is for a thief to stole a bike. Using a hammer, pliers and a small saw, a friend of him managed to steal his bike in 2 minutes under the eyes of trespassers. Just a handful of people asked him what he is doing, and by only telling them that it’s his bike and he lost his keys he managed to escape and to run away with the bicycle. Therefore, the use of a TrackR device seems necessary. Even if it gets stolen, you can find it if your device is hidden and not detached by the thief.

The same principle applies to your keys. If you attach them a TrackR device, you will never lose them again. This has happened to all of us. You are in a hurry, but you can’t find your keys. Being so small, they can be lost easily between other objects or they can fall from your pocket very easy. Connect to TrackR, and it will direct you to the exact place your keys are. If you lose them inside, in a house you can select the “ring” option which will make the device ring. It will make a very sharp sound, which will give you an idea where it’s at. Of course, this principle is applied to all object that has a device attached to them.

Secondly, you can put it on other important stuff like wallets, briefcases or bags. Its small size makes it unobtrusive enough for you to hide it in a small pocket from any of the objects above.

Moreover, TrackR can be attached to your pet’s collar, so you will not lose your cat or dog ever again. Even if they run from home, with the device’s help, you can find them quick, before they are harmed in any way.


It is a very useful product to buy taking in consideration the quality-price ratio. You can buy it directly from their website, and the price is approximate $30, and it comes with his battery.

Its small size makes it very easy to hide in your wallet, purse or any pocket or compartment.

TrackR has a large variety of possibilities because it can be attached to a different object with a key ring or it can be glued with the double-side adhesive on its back.

Also, it is a great gift idea because it doesn’t involve a monthly fee like other expensive GPS systems which require a monthly subscription fee.


Some users complained about the fact that it makes a faint alarm sound and that in some cases, the location estimation in vague.

Moreover, the fact that TrackR is not waterproof is a big disadvantage. This reduces some of its applications. ((,2817,2498629,00.asp))


All in all, TrackR is a state of the art device. The possibilities of using it are numerous, almost endless, as some people would say. Although it’s not perfect, it has a lot of qualities, which makes it one of the best solutions for people to track down their important stuff. It is lightweight, small and efficient, traits which are nowadays sought by the consumers, so it is very profitable for its producers. They have a well-organized website, where you will find all the information you want to know and from where you can not only buy a device, but you can also find different accessories for them, such as water resistant cases or metal carabiners.

TrackR can be easily characterized in 4 words: “track down your life”, which represents the company motto.

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